A Sober Man Charged Because His Stomach Is Brewing Alcohol

Nobody believed 46 years old sober man, that he wasn’t committing a drink and drive crime. The doctors and police were in the same team; consequently, he got arrested on the skepticism on the drunken case. They had the proof of his blood sugar level, which was more than twice the legal mark for driving a car. On refusing the breathalyzer test, he was admitted to hospital but was later released. But the facts remained a mystery! Then the researchers identified the odd truth: there were presences of fungi in the man’s digestive organs, which was turning carbohydrate into ethanol. This rare disease named “Auto-Brewery Syndrome.”

Affected with the syndrome, bacteria, or the fermenting fungi in the gut produce alcohol, which causing the patients to portray the signs of intoxication. This disease is also called gut fermentation syndrome. This disease is more susceptible to the people already who have Crohn’s disease, obesity, or diabetes. At times, even the healthy ones also become unfortunate. This syndrome is more likely to cause by using antibiotics. It modifies the growth rate of fungi. The researchers are yet to determine the reason behind such contraction. Other mediums like preservatives in foods, environmental toxins, or drugs can lead to ABS by malfunctioning the average balance of bacteria in the body. The early symptoms of ABS, maybe brain fog, delirium, and mood swings. It won’t start with the inevitable signs of drunkenness. It might also imitate other medical conditions like a stroke or hypoglycemia.

In the journal BMJ Open Gastroenterology, researchers of Richmond University Medical Centre (New York) wrote, they regard that the condition is underdiagnosed. This syndrome creates a significant pushback to people’s lives. People with ABS may feel too drained to work, or spend quality time with loved ones or smell like a drunk. Some are even unemployed, courtesy goes to ABS, and the rest avoids meals to stay sober for a long duration. Nick Hess, 39 years old, had to drop out of college due to his sufferings from headaches, hangover, vomiting, and other typical symptoms of ABS.

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Rowena Goodwin

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