A Thermal Camera at the Museum helped a UK Woman to Diagnose Breast Cancer

Scottish family vacation proved to be a life-saving discovery for one UK woman. 41-year old Bal Gill was on a family vacation to Edinburg in May, where she discovered a strange heat patch on the left breast. All this happened during the walk through the Thermal Camera at Camera Obscura & World of Illusions. Gill explained that after visiting the castle, they decided to go to the museum, which they saw on their way. They entered the museum and started waving their arms and look for the different types of images created. However, when Gill posed for the camera, she noticed a red in color heat patch on the left breast. She said, ” it was strange because no one else was detected to have the same. I decided to take a picture of the patch and carried on with our trip to the museum.”

After returning from the vacation, Gill saw the photos from the trip and again noticed the odd-looking heat patch. She searched it on Google, and after reading a lot of articles, she decided to make an appointment with the doctor with the fear of having breast cancer. The doctor diagnosed it, and it turns out to be an early stage of breast cancer. After discovering the problem, Gill had two surgeries and is planning for one more to ensure that cancer does not spread in her whole body. Gill expressed her gratefulness to the museum due to which she was able to detect her breast cancer during the early stages. Also, she is thankful to the Thermal Camera that changed her life.

Andrew Johnson, the general manager of the museum, quoted on the World of Illusions website that something that was not in his knowledge was the potentiality of Thermal Camera to detect life-changing syndrome in this way. He further said that Gill’s story highly motivated his team. He said, ” we are happy with promptness Gill showed once she found something odd in her body. We wish her all the best for her recovery and expect to meet her in the time to come.”

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Rowena Goodwin

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