Android and iOS Will No Longer Have Cortana Voice Assistant

The war of digital assistants is an intense one! From Apple to Google and Microsoft- each tech giant has its contender available for the end-users. While a lot of people stick to Alexa of Amazon and Google assistant, by the internet search giant, Microsoft has Cortana. Cortana was initially limited to the windows ten users, but in 2015, Microsoft released the Cortana app for both iOS and Android platforms. However, it looks like Cortana is not finding much traction on either of the platforms, owing to the overwhelming popularity of Siri and Google Now. The app is going to be withdrawn from these two platforms shortly, Microsoft has said.

Microsoft recently said it would withdraw support for the Cortana app on Android and IOS devices by Jan 31st, 2020. The app will then no longer be available on app stores in countries like India, Spain, Canada, Germany, Mexico, China, the UK, Australia, and Germany. However, it is not likely to be withdrawn in the USA. This may make some people think that Microsoft is getting rid of Cortana. However, that is not the case. Cortana is going to be assimilated with the company’s popular Office 365 suite of apps. Of course, it will continue to exist in Windows 10. Some more countries will lose support for Cortana gradually- as it looks like.

For those using Cortana for syncing stuff like reminders and lists in a PC with Windows 10, there is no reason to feel let down. This can still be done with the company’s To-Do app, and that is available in Google Play. While Microsoft is not saying this openly, it is well known Cortana failed to find much support outside the USA. Even the CEO Satya Nadella admitted earlier, Cortana could not cope up with Google and Siri. Microsoft has to come up with a solution for its Surface headphones, which rely on Cortana for updates and functionality.

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