Android’s crucial changes upgrade your smart phone itself behind your back

There is a brilliant upgrade for android phones and tablets owners regarding the installation of up-gradation of the operating system. While upgrading the android operating system, there is no need to tap on the android device screen. It is easier to get new features and security boosts. It will update in the background. Google is going to fix one of the problems regarding upgradations of the android operating system. According to the android, open-source project, there is one new code listed. While upgrading the android operating system, there is not a requirement of smartphone owners to put any PIN or passwords.

All the apps caches will clear get cleared in the up-gradation of android smartphones and tablets. This process is going on in the background, and on the screen, you will see the message android is upgrading. While upgrading the system for security purpose need to put the password to continue the process when the system gets a reboot. Google can make a process that is more frictionless and significant. The solution to this mountain view-based company appears is entitled support resume on reboot.

In android 10, The code support resume on reboot is available, the upgradation will be completed on its own. For doing this temporarily and securely, Google software will store your PIN, password and unlock patterns. While updating the android operating system when need to access the secure store data or encrypted part of smartphone memory it will take passwords or patterns which temporarily stored. There is no need to put passwords or patterns or PIN. Any technology that stores user secure passwords, PIN or patterns should be viewed. If you use the same password or PIN for your smartphone as online banking logins and multiple online logins which is not good for your data security. And simply the android upgrades the smartphone and add new features, new designs it also boosts the performance of the system without unlocking the smartphone it will happen.

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