Apple Said They’re Collecting iPhone 11 Users Location Information But Not Sharing It.

Apple is a tech company that has always given priority to the privacy of its users. Recently security analysts find out a big problem in the iPhone 11 in which the user’s location detail was keep getting shared even when the option of sharing data was disabled. This big problem raised lots of doubts and concerns among Apple users who always believed their data is in safe hands. Now to remove the confusion and misleading information about this controversy, Apple released an official reason. According to Apple’s newly launched smartphones, including the iPhone 11 Pro max is kept sharing the data because it has ultra band technology.

This technology provides spatial awareness to other devices by locating those devices which share the same technique. Earlier it’s been found that iPhone 11 users who disable certain apps not to share location-related details, still doing the same thing. Such things made some iPhone users nervous since their critical information about the location was kept sharing with other third parties.

According to users, ultra band technology-enabled iPhones will face this issue, but it’s useful for them to share the data from one phone to another. Users need to point out their iPhone at other users to share the essential data from their devices. Apple mentioned that this location-related services would keep working even though some of them might not like it. Only those users will not be able to disable location related services that don’t have a switch in the setting. New iPhones will keep getting these location-related services in such countries or regions where the ultra band technology hasn’t been approved yet. As of now, Argentina, Indonesia, and Paraguay are those countries that haven’t approved this feature.

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