Colorado Observed as a ‘Healthiest’ State in the US based on Obesity Signs in Hispanics and Blacks

In a recent survey related to obesity shows that Colorado is the healthiest state in the United States. The individuals staying in Colorado are commonly well-educated. Many individuals among the overall population settled in Colorado due to high salaried technology jobs and countless outdoor opportunities. Comparatively obesity rate among adult is higher among minorities. For example, it is 21.6% in non-Hispanic whites, 27.7% in Latinos, and 29.9% in blacks. However, this number is much lower than the average obesity rate in the US, which is 39.8%. There are many individuals in the US struggling for an obesity-free and healthy life. These statistics show that; Colorado is the healthiest state in the United States.

Many individuals wondered after looking these stats. However, some cities that demonstrate a clear contrast, such as Leadville. Many people think that Leadville is a healthy state, but the situation is different. Leadville is with 2,759 settled families in the mountain area. This city settled closer to the beautiful resorts of Breckenridge and Vail. Besides, it bordered by trailer parks, and it is a home of workers who makes this city as a tourism hub. Many states in the US that show equal disparities in obesity rates and healthy habits. However, primary data covers fundamental issues and resulting in fewer resources and attention towards needy individuals.

The major percentage of the population in Leadville work in the ski towns on the side of mountain passes. Also, some works in hotels as a room cleaner and therefore the income level is low of these people. According to Baldassar –the local public health department’s Lake County Build a Generation project director, the people are now facing both issues in the city that are obesity and food scarcity. Despite having many outdoor activity opportunities in Leadville, many children’s fail to come across guidelines of physical activity. The rising obesity level is a warning sign for many individuals staying in the US.

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David Christenson

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