Donald Trump Gets Criticized By Joe Biden For Weakening The Economy And Ignoring The Middle Class

Joe Biden, former vice president of the United States, has criticized President Donald Trump for reducing the strengthened economy of the country. The proposed economic growth is alarming, and it has no place for the middle-class people in the nation, as per Joe Biden. His statements were loud and clear as to how Trump has only looked after the interests of the wealthy class, and the tax plans incorporated will only make the rich richer and increase the gap with the middle-class people. With elections knocking on the door, Trump is hopeful of getting re-elected as the President for the second term by pointing out the change in the gross domestic product and unemployment rate. Though the statistics are in Trump’s favor, the opposition has pointed out that such schemes have made no significant impact on the middle class.

In the 45-minute address given by Joe Biden on this issue, he pointed out that Trump has done nothing but squander the strong economy that was built during the time of former President Obama’s reign. With the brand named ‘Middle-Class Joe’ that has been an extended plan of Biden, he has declared his intentions to attain it. Measures will be taken to provide options for public healthcare, as per Biden’s plan. This will cut down the expenses of the middle class. Additionally, Biden also stated his public education improvement plan, which will aim at providing better job opportunities and reduce the college expenses.

The Republican tax plan that was incorporated by Trump in 2017 is unjust as it favors the rich corporations and wealthy organizations, as per Biden. He is also aiming to change some parts of this plan, which would raise the corporate tax rate in the country, from 21% currently to 28%. His explanation is simple, as he explains that there was no need to provide tax cuts for the wealthy group at all. This criticism of Trump’s method comes just hours before the President is scheduled to give a speech in Pittsburgh. In terms of response, Andrew Clark, who is the campaign spokesperson for Trump, said that the current state of Americans are way better than they used to be four years ago when Joe Biden was in the office.

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