Donald Trump is too inept at executing the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

The current U.S. President Donald Trump has received massive criticism from the opposition over most of his actions. As a result, the demand for his impeachment has also been severe. With most journals and spokespersons that are providing reasons as to why it is necessary to impeach Trump as fast as possible, the Wall Street Journal has come out as an exception. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal has uniquely defended Trump’s case. According to them, the working and the various attempt by the current President is so horrible, that it keeps him busy the whole time to not think about any of the numerous crimes that he would have otherwise done. Trump is trying to ignite his hopes for reelection with the help of President of Ukraine, which is not anything terrible as Trump is too inept at executing such plans successfully, as per the Wall Street Journal.

The testimony that was presented this week by the former U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Bill Taylor initiated the response as given by the Wall Street Journal. Taylor’s testimony was severely used upon, and it stated that the idea of committing impeachment and related offenses were not considered to be right by every one of the White House. This, in turn, is used by the Wall Street Journal to indicate that those crimes will not be executed, as Trump is incapable of it. In the statement provided by Mr. Taylor, he has said that many people of the Administration oppose the Giuliani effort. Even some of the senior position holders of the White House have the same thoughts. This may be an indicator that the quid-pro-quo policy ultimatum with Ukraine that Trump wanted to do will never be executed as he is too inept to do it.

The impeachment will solely be done for the incompetence of the government. Stated as Intriguing, the Wall Street Journal has indicated that Trump desires to rob the U.S. citizens, and has just gotten distracted with the matter in hand and is likely to remain so, thus unable to do all the crimes he planned for initially. Even though he should be impeached, leaving him alone will not produce any different result either, as Trump is too incompetent to do anything in even his way, the Journal reported.

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Doris Maguire

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