Eat a simple snack at night to stay alert, productive

Eating at the irregular interval of time, not only imbalance the course, but also the body has to bear the effect, especially for the night worker. In today’s economy, the night shift working hours is very common in various industries such as healthcare, aviation, BPO, IT, transport, and mining sector need employees to work around the clock. As a night shift worker, it is challenging to find a way to manage alertness when the body feels sleepy. Therefore, a night shift worker eats on shift to help them stay awake. However, no one knows whether it is suitable for health and performance or not.

According to the researcher, night shift worker may face certain chronic diseases and illness such as ulcer, metabolic, gastrointestinal issues, obesity heart disease, and various others. The night shift worker did not get sufficient sleep, which can affect the body metabolism and appetite. Night sight worker tends irregular eating habit along with poor diet, that impacts their body and routine as well. Therefore, a night worker should eat a small protein-rich diet multifaceted carb snack instead of a full meal during the dinner break.

According to the survey 44 of the University of South Australia, there is a various negative impact of snack, meal, or no food during the night shift. The study reveals that all the applicants complained of increased sleepiness, decreased vigor, and fatigue. Moreover, a small snack lowers the impact as compared to a full meal or no food. The result shows that the strategy of eating in small portion snack on night shift contributes towards alertness and better performance of the worker. However, no food is not the solution; it causes more harm to the body while full meal can slow down the performance in the night shift. Therefore, healthy snack such as fruits and fluids can be the best option for the night shift people for the healthy body and work performance as well.

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Bruce Townsend

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