Instagram added an age check to secure the young generation

To use social networking apps, one mandatory condition taken into consideration is about checking the age of the user. Instagram has launched a new age checkup rule by including birthdates in the user’s profile to avoid misuse of social networking app. Currently, 1 billion members are using Instagram. The company said that the user must be above 13 years of age to use the app. Instagram is an application that provides free photo-sharing and enables its users to take photos, apply filters, and share them on social networks. Other social networking apps, including Facebook, Snapshot, and TikTok, has to compulsory enter birthdate for the signup process. In the TikTok app, people under age 13 can see videos but are not allowed to post or comment on videos.

The main motto of this age check is to secure the underage user. Instagram will not permit to open an account for the users below 13 years of age. Instagram said in a statement that birthdates will not be visible to the public. The Instagram spokesperson also said that birthdates be used for some targeted ads or some other privacy settings and other features. The company also assures that ads regarding age-restricted products such as alcoholic products will not be displayed for people underage. One important provision included is that the user will have the option to limit the messages from an unknown number.

People placed mixed reactions on this new announcement from Instagram. Recently, the company has announced its plans regarding number of likes on the post. The company is testing to hide likes on a post on some accounts in the US. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced on Friday that only the user would see the number of likes on photos or videos shared on the network. The main idea behind this step is to focus the young generation on what they love and learn things that inspire them. This decision is a good step to protect or keep away young kids from being trapped in social media problems. The changes made in using social networks are as per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

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