Interactions Between Patient Organizations And the Pharmaceutical Industry Could Benefit the Patients

According to Accenture’s new study, better interactions between pharmaceutical and patient organizations could improve the health of patients. The study stated that for a smooth health care management, patients want both organizations to work together. The survey was conducted in the US and Europe, consisting of 4,000 patients. The study examined patient organizations’ role in offering information, support, and any other facilities to patients. The survey also studied the impact of the collaboration of pharma and patient organizations on improving patient care and experience. The focus of the study was on three different medical conditions and diseases. The diseases were rheumatoid arthritis, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and migraine. The reason for selecting these diseases was their significant but varied impact on the daily life of the patient.

The survey revealed that patients highly value facilities and services from patient organizations irrespective of their disease state. The study stated that patients prefer patient organizations over pharma companies. The patients prefer patient organizations for not only emotional support, accessing community support groups and other services provided by patient organizations, but also for information on treatments, clinical trials, and therapies. Usually, pharmaceutical companies offer these services. The study shows that not even half nearly 47% of the patients prefer pharma companies for their financial, emotional, and other requirements. Patients rated pharmaceutical companies lower than doctors, payers, physicians, patient organizations, and pharmacies.

The survey results imply an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to know with which method with they are going to maximize their involvement in patient experiences and care. Other than the immediate influence of the drug, how they are going to participate. Pharma companies can decide about their participation in patient experience and services. They can also plan about whether they want to collaborate with other players in a related industry or not. Collaborations between pharma companies and patient organizations satisfy a genuine need for interactions recognized in advance. It is just that between the parties, the purpose should be clear while collaborating.

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