Latest News on the Inquiry of Trump Impeachment

In defense of his patriotism by fellow lawmakers, two Republican senators are taking the floor to Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, top Ukrainian National Security Council expert. Vindman, a winner of various individual honors, like Purple Heart, was mocked today for standing in front of politicians investigating President Trump and for depositing his claim. The assaults are deemed extremely sad and very unfortunate, as per Sen. Mitt Romney. He feels that it is awful and regrettable in the least. The man is a well-known serviceman of America and has the full confidence of others, especially the Republican of Utah, in his patriotism and work.

Sen. John Thune, a South Dakota Republican, said it would be very wrong to attack the patriotism of Vindman. In any case, the people who are directly attacking him or doubting his patriotism should refrain from doing so. His patriotism cannot be questioned as per many such notable personalities. Everyone is affirmative that they appreciate his leadership and value his work. Vindman served several overseas tours as a US infantry officer, including a deployment to Iraq, where an IED attack wounded him. For this deed, he received the Purple Heart. Since 2018 he has been a member of Trump’s National Security Council. With a Purple Heart achieved, no one would want to give him a hard time. Everyone believes that it would be wrong to attack his patriotism.

Regarding the criticism

When stating Vindman, a lot of notable personalities have a lot to say about it. Sean Duffy, the former GOP Rep., noted that it was very much clear to him that Vindman was very much concerned about the current state of the Ukrainian defense. About the criticism of Vindman, President Donald Trump also joined in. Even though the president has no proof to support his claims, he has openly claimed on Twitter that Vindman has always been an anti against his methods and workings.

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