Media Arts Lab Ad agency dedicated to Apple lays off employees to sustain against ad group of Apple

Apple’s dedicated ad company is cutting down its staff. Media Arts lab that is an ad agency specifically for Apple, laid off its staff on Monday. The exact number is not available. However, a report shows the figure is around 50. Media Arts Lab is a unit under the Omnicom Group agency TBWA. They had to cut their employees to sustain in the business. The company said to CNBC, “The decision was hard. We parted some of our talented employees from the company. A decision like this need is always difficult. But sometimes they are necessary.” This tough call was unfortunate for TBWA. They are grateful for the employee’s contributions.

Association of apple with the Omnicom group is since 1984. Their first commercial with Apple’s first personal Macintosh was “Think Different.” TBWA created Media Arts Lab in 2006 as apple’s dedicated ad agency. Steve Jobs close friend, Lee Clow, created this agency. Meanwhile, Apple started an in-house creative operation group. Media Arts labs hired new executive creative directors for their headquarters at LA. This was specifically to handle Apple TV+, music, and Apple pay. Apple was working on its in-house shop for several years. The purpose of an in-house shop was to gain control and saving of money.

Now, Media Arts lab is competing against apple’s in-house ad agency. The company is working hard on marketing apple’s products. Moreover, the agency is seeking opportunities to handle creative operations. Co-founder of Consultancy R3, Greg Paull, said, “The pendulum has always been swinging between Media Arts lab and Apple for many years. This is not necessarily a new push and pulls between them.” Also, he said, the main difference in both of them is people working at Apple. Apple has the best inside talents that are capable of building new big ideas. Media arts lab had to fire some talent to sustain in the market against apple’s in-house marketing.

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