Mixed Review of Google Pixel 4XL

Google’s Pixel 4 XL might claim the throne of Game of Real-Smartphone-Breakthrough of 2019. It introduced a diminishing radar chip that can detect you too quickly to stare at the black, blank screen. The Motion sensor can detect when one is near the phone and light up the screen. It can skip the previous or upcoming track. It can dismiss or snooze an alarm and silence a call. A little backward step, it cannot pause or adjust the volume of a song, click a photo, revert the camera, or dismiss a notification. Adding to the list of bummers, the 20% screen-to-body ratio Bezel is looking like a budget phone instead of a high-end Smartphone.

The more significant chunk of android phones depends on fingerprint unlock, but the Pixel 4 XL integrated 3D camera for a better, more secure facial unlock. Finally, post two years, Google is going to make a mark in the “solo” competition of Apple’s Face ID and TruthDepth camera. There’s a little security drawback with the Face unlock yet. Apple’s Face ID tracks your eye movements, whereas Google does not. Therefore, while you’re napping, someone might open the phone just by holding the phone on your phone. Alongside this, it has also removed the fingerprint sensor. Consequently, for repeated authentication, one needs to type the passcode.

Pixel 4 XL delivered the best smooth display of a 6.3-inch QHD+OLD of 537ppi. But Google should have offered a better processor than Snapdragon 855 since it released so late in 2019. Though 4GB doesn’t suffice the premium Android phones, 6GB of RAM is not making a more significant difference also over here.  Everybody has raised their eyebrows in the average 3,700mAh battery life in the range of $900. It is offering a standard storage specification of 64GB or 128GB but costing an extra $100 for an additional internal 64GB.  Now Google is offering 16MP telephoto lens addition to 12.2MP stand wide lens. The much-hyped camera made an average performance while competing with its predecessor, Pixel 3 XL, and iPhone 11.

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