Older Apple Devices Will Lose Access To The Internet If Not Updated Before Sunday, 3rd November

The older devices of the iPhone are required to upgrade the software to stay connected to the internet. Apple advised users holding onto the older iPhones to update the OS. If users do not update their older iPhones before Sunday midnight, they will not be able to access the internet. iPhone, one of the popular smartphone brands, has launched iphone11 this year. Their devices and OS are upgrading to new features. iPhone devices are unique on their grounds and have their software. However, the older iPhones will soon face the major issue if not updated to the newer OS version.

Apple noticed the issue after the GPS clock reset in April. The GPS resets to zero every 19 years. The 10-bit GPS tracks week count. The counter resets to zero after 1024 weeks or 19 years. After this discovery, Apple announced the deadline to update to the new OS version. Users were given months to perform an update, although the deadline ends on Sunday at 12 am. This iOS upgrade is essential to maintain an accurate GPS location. This depends on precise Date and Time on iCloud. Moreover, users will lose access to many apps. This OS update will make the use of the old iPhones seamless.

The apple devices iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and also 4th gen iPad, iPad 2, require the OS update. Devices with iOS version 10.3.4 and 9.3.6 and above do not need an upgrade. Many old devices received a pop-up notification saying, “Action required for iPhone.” The majority of them were iPhone 5 users. Those who acted as the update are safe. Users who yet to complete this activity are required to complete it before 3rd November. Apple said, “After the deadline, users need to backup and restore their phones using the computer.” Older iPhones and iPads will face GPS dysfunctioning. To avoid this, Sunday 3rd November is the last day to upgrade apple devices.

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