Omega-3 Fish Oil Is Better At Fighting ADHD Than Medication Shows New Study

ADHD is a pressing medical concern for the parents of thousands of kids, and it has no cure as such. However, findings of a new study indicate Omega 3 Fish oil can be useful in treating the causes of ADHD. The researchers hail from Taiwan’s China Medical University and King’s College London. They have found out using omega-3 fish oil supplements can improve attention in the kids who have ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. However, it works only on the kids with a reduced level of omega-3 in blood. The researchers think this study finding can go a long way in altering the medicinal approach to treat ADHD. The study results got published in Translational, Psychiatry.

In a controlled randomized trial, 92 kids afflicted with ADHD were given placebo or elevated omega-3 fatty acid doses. The study authors discovered the kids with lower EPA in blood levels showed improvements in vigilance and attention span than the others. However, the same improvements were not found in children with normal or enhanced blood-levels of EPA. The study got conducted in Taiwan, and this is a country where diets typically have oodles of fish.

While the study findings may make the parents of kids with ADHD hopeful, the researchers advise them to take a careful approach. They think such parents should not resort to giving their kids omega-3 supplements without seeking expert medical intervention. As of now, the doctors offer stimulants like methylphenidate to treat the kids coping with ADHD. These medications may trigger side effects in some cases. The impact of omega-3 supplementation is way better than conventional medicines. However, that does not mean all kids with ADHD will fare better if they are given omega-3 supplementation.

Moreover, this study was not very extensive, and the researchers feel more long term, and comprehensive studies have to be conducted. Despite the limitations, the study is being hailed as a path breaker by the medical community. They feel it can be used as a reference for future studies on the topic.

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