Our Team

Doris Maguire
Sr. Writer

Doris is the senior correspondent in the healthcare sector of LIVINGWITHED. He has been working in the world of writing for a few years, but he has been interested in health and medicine from even before. Before joining the editorial team of LIVINGWITHED, Doris had worked for a few health blogs. He is a big fan of books, movies and travels.

Email :- Doris@livingwithed.net.
Phone:- +1 601-861-8291

David Christenson

David did work as a medical representative before joining the health sector of LIVINGWITHED. This experience helps him write fitness-based articles with some excellent perspective on things. David is also a fitness freak, most of the time, He spends most of the time doing workouts and learning about the fit and healthy habits out there.

Email :- David@livingwithed.net.
Phone:- +1 601-861-8292

Bruce Townsend
Sr. Editor

Bruce is a health enthusiast in that he loves to take care of his body and what happens to it. Often a bit more compulsive when it comes to health, he is the right person for covering medicine updates at LIVINGWITHED. If not talking about workouts and diets, you can see him among some motivational or self-help books.

Email :- Bruce@livingwithed.net.
Phone:- +1 601-861-8293

Rowena Goodwin

Rowena comes from a health industry background and has been an active member of the editorial team for an impressive amount of time. You can count on her articles and expertise when you want to have a clearer idea about the developments in health sector as well as the after-math of the same. She’s a chilled-out person with a heavy coffee addiction.

Email :- Rowena@livingwithed.net.
Phone:- +1 601-861-8294