RED Hydrogen Project Shuts Down As Founder Retires

Nowadays, giants like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X crowned as the enthusiast and ambitious today owing to their unorthodox and offbeat from factor. But a new player came and took away the headlines back in mid-2017. The famous digital camera manufacturer RED shocked the mobile industry. Not only did they announce their first Smartphone but also revealed unique features like a zenith quality camera system, a holographic display, and few modular attachments for expanding the phone with time. After an array of delays, the $1,295 RED’s Hydrogen One released. It both became the first and last of the series, following the announcement of RED’s CEO retirement. Jim Jannard, a 70-year-old founder, decided to step down citing health hindrances.

The Hydrogen One has integrated with a Snapdragon 835 chip, which was then the flagship chipset. Many came forward to applaud the new competitor into the business, but the criticism stack was not low either. There were talks about a lack of execution and direction. Even the promised modules were never delivered. In spite of their forte and dominating in the camera world, their creation wasn’t also in the arena of competition with other popular, lucrative Smartphone photography. Only stick in their favor was the 4 View (4V) 3D display technology, which attracted the buyers to go for this high priced device.

Unfortunately, with this retirement, he will take away the RED Hydrogen series line. Though a plan was undergoing about advancing the Hydrogen Two project, now it put a stop to it. Now the company will instead focus on working on a new Pro Camera Vision. RED has also recently cut down the price of Hydrogen One into half, amounting to $645, a sale ahead of closing the chapter. Customers who had purchased Hydrogen One won’t be doomed like Hydrogen Two project. Jannard had promised that the device would continue supporting future updates. Finally, Jannard has teased about the latest RED’s camera, called Komodo 6K, which will launch shortly and will work similarly like Hydrogen One in some way.

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