Regular exercise after the age of 60 reduces the risk of heart issues

Losing the physical capabilities and becoming less active is very common after the age of 60. Globally 900 million people were above age 60 in 2015. According to the World Health Organization, this number will reach 2 million by 2050. Study shows that maintaining the activity level or becoming more active over the age of 60 will reduce the risk of a heart attack. Moreover, some physical exercises will help to avoid strokes. According to research, active people after the age of 60 reduces the risk by 11%.

The researches in South Korea studied 1119925 men and women above the age of 60. Among them, 47% were men, and the average age of participants was 67. The National Health Insurance Service collected data of participants until 2016. NHIS conducted two health checkups for individuals. One test was held in 2009-10 and the other one in 2011-12. Healthcare providers asked the participants about their physical activities and lifestyle. According to researchers, 30 minutes of walking or gardening are some moderate activities. Moreover, dancing for 20 to 30 minutes will help to improve physical as well as mental health.

A majority of participants were inactive during the first checkup. About 78% of women were inactive during the first check. However, men were a little less inactive. About 67% and 66% of men were inactive during two checkups, respectively. Only 22% of participants increased their exercise and activities between the two tests. However, 54% of the participants became inactive after the first checkup. Researchers studied this data along with the data of national heart diseases and strokes. They compared the rate of a heart attack in people with different age groups and gender. Some of the patients were suffering from other health problems. Researchers also studied patients with alcohol and smoking habits. Less active people will have more risk of developing health issues. It is essential to perform moderate activities every day and vigorous activities like fast cycling three to four times a week.

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Rowena Goodwin

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