Sacramento Airport Witnesses Severe Delays Due to Internet Outage

What travelers at the Sacramento Airport went through a few hours before has once again proven how harmful the lack of the internet can be. Sacramento airport witnessed one of the biggest delays due to an internet outage. It should be noted that this weekend is one of the busiest during the holiday season and the technical glitches from AT&T have made things worse for those who were at the airport to board. Some issues in the fiber optic network had caused the issue and the team is now trying to resolve the issue.

While several airlines have become the victim of the outage, cancellations were higher in some. For instance, the Southwest Airlines had to cancel no less than ten flights due to the technical delays. Since the network is affecting the self check-in systems, passengers are now supposed to manually check in both the baggage and passengers. This is adding so much burden on the airport staff in addition to creating long queues that are intolerable for passengers who have grown accustomed to convenient check-in processes. There are a lot of people who missed their flight to their homes and other destinations.

The worst part is that the team is not able to provide a specific ETA on when the internet connection would be back to normal. This confusion is causing customers to become frustrated and Twitter conversations are taking the toll. “AT&T is still working to solve the Internet connectivity problem at SMF. Some airlines have established backup Internet connections. Anyone planning on flying out of SMF today is advised to call their airline carrier for information on possible delays or cancellations,” read the announcement from the official Twitter handle of Sacramento Airport.

Both passengers and media are now waiting for an estimate from AT&T.

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