Survey Shows the Tesla Cybertruck Fails To Woo a Majority of Americans

A few days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave an official glimpse of the company’s much-touted cyber truck- an electric-powered truck that is said to change the way transportation is done in the commercial sector. The cybertruck made headlines as expected and drew mixed reactions from the car industry veterans. While the industrial production of the vehicle is yet to kick start, pre-orders are growing fast.

However, the industry veterans are divided in their opinions regarding the truck’s prospect to dethrone the popular fuel-driven pickup trucks anytime soon. A recent survey reveals the much-touted electric vehicle has not accurately made the US residents awestruck.

The survey in question was carried out by Piplsay, a Market research firm, and it covered more than 21000 Americans. The survey results may dampen the spirit to Tesla CEO, who is going gaga over the vehicle, to an extent. 44% of the candidates gave negative feedbacks while a majority is yet to see the car. Still, a section of people thinks it is not meant for mass adoption, and only a wealthy lot will want it.

A part of surveyed people also thinks the Tesla cars are still overpriced. Only 29% of them gave it positive reviews. There were people covered in the survey who gave neutral feedback as well. While this survey results may make you think the future of Cybertruck is not bright, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture. It did not even cover 50000 persons in a country with the population moving towards the 330 million marks! Probably, a more extensive survey can provide a better assumption on this topic.

While it is still early to say if the Cyber truck will strike a chord with target buyers and offer competition to the rivals from the stables of GM and Ford, the Tesla CEO is upbeat. He has also hinted at the company thinking of launching a smaller version of the electric-powered pickup in the future. However, that version may take a few more years to get into the manufacturing stage.

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