T-Mobile and sprint merger is endorsed by nine states

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, which is one of the largest Telecom service providers in the USA, announced that if a merger happens with sprint, then the merged entity would roll out a scheme to assist people across the country with up to 100GB of free internet access each year. The new company will also provide free Wi-Fi enabled hot spot free of cost.

T-Mobile has named this project as “Project 10 Million,” and it aims to provide 10 million households with free access to the internet. It will cost around $10 billion from the proposed New T-Mobile that it will commit. The company has also planning to invest another $700 million to boost infrastructure. The company is willing to provide 10-years of unlimited 5G access to every state. Police, fire stations, and EMS agency in the U.S.T-Mobile said it would launch its nationwide 5G network by next month.T-Mobile has assured that if the deal is completed, there would be no job cuts and the customer service center will be located in the USA only. We will also keep customer service centers located in the US and promised that there would be no hike tariffs for three years.

The merger has already received approval from the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission. T-Mobile is attempting to settle a lawsuit blocking its merger with Sprint .T-Mobile president and COO Mike Sievert said that merger is not anti-competitive and is in the interest of customers. But this merger is facing a lawsuit from several state attorneys general who is trying to block the deal. The states argue that the merger should be stopped as it will harm competition and increase prices. If a merger happens, three companies will control 99% of the wireless market in the USA. On the other side If the transaction is finished, it would be a victory for the billionaire entrepreneur Masayoshi Son, whose SoftBank investment group possesses a dominant interest in the sprint, a company with debts of $40 billion. Mr. Son has been trying to clear the troubled carrier for years. overall nine states have supported this $26.5 billion merger between Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US Inc.

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