Tesla is Going to Build Their First Ever European Factory in Berlin

Believe it or not, Tesla has a bright future ahead, while apparently, it might seem like it is going through some severe losses. With fossil fuels slowly coming to an end, electric cars are not only going to be better but also a cheaper alternative than petrol or diesel. That is why Tesla is looking out for its expansion into the business of electric cars. Tesla’s CEO, Mr. Elon Musk, has selected Berlin to be the first European factory for production.

Mr. Musk has also confirmed that they are going to build an engineering and design center in the same German capital. While their initial aim was to start production in Europe in 2021, but with the massive competition from China’s electric vehicle industry, the sooner, the better. While the entire world is moving to a Godspeed, it is time for Tesla to start the same. Mr. Musk has announced at an award ceremony in Germany on Tuesday. He has also added the reason behind the Berlin set-up while Germany is top of the line when it comes to engineering and technology, which is why Tesla is going to locate its Gigafactory Europe in Germany.

The facility is going to be built around the new Berlin airport, along with adding a few things that would be made, including batteries, powertrains, and vehicles, starting with Model Y. While Germany is showing a rising appetite for electric cars, analytics have also predicted that over the coming years, France, Italy, and Spain are also going to join the party. In Europe alone, there is going to be 16 large scale lithium-ion battery cell plant by the year 2023. So, in a couple of years, Tesla is going to expand its business in a fast way throughout Europe.

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