THC causing more deaths than Nicotine in vaping

You might have noticed at least once regarding the chaos making headlines for the past few months. What are the concealed harmful effects of vaping? Are E-cigarettes and Juuls safer than traditional cigarettes? These questions are rising; there has been a significant decline in cigarette consumption for the past few years, especially among the Millenials. Nevertheless, an e-cigarette might not be the culprit due to the sudden stir of vaping deaths. A study was carried out by the CDC. According to the report made by CNN, if one is using exclusively THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – it is the main compound found in marijuana), then he/she more likely prone to vaping related lung injuries than the nicotine users.

There were a total of 19 deaths studied. Among them, only 16% vaped nicotine products. On the contrary, a shocking 63% only consumed THC. A chunk of 84% was reported using either of any products, and 37% used products that had Nicotine in their composition. Those figures did not convince the director of the Center of Tobacco Products at the US Food and Drug Administration. Mitch Zeller commented that all those data were collected on self-proclaimed reports of usage; hence, it might be not as trustworthy as one may think. Yet, the journal published in The Mail on Sunday reports that the experts highly emphasize the continuation of vaping. They asked to discard all the misleading information going around the virtual platform.

It is undeniably true that vaping do expose individuals to a few cancer-causing toxins, but a small proportion compared to a cloud of cigarette smoke. When the e-cigarette is heating, traces of metals like copper, zinc, silver, and known cancer element, nitrosamine is produced. But, nitrosamine is present at less than 0.3% of the level in a traditional cigarette. There is also the presence of plastic making components like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and propionaldehyde. Laboratory studies say e-cigarette causes inflammation to delicate lung tissues, but in the real world, it deals with more hazardous chemicals; hence, it’s unlikely to hold up.

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Rowena Goodwin

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