The New TB Vaccine Could Win The Fight against TB

The scientist has discovered a new vaccine for tuberculosis. The old vaccine is helpful to infants. However, it was not working effectively for adults. Millions of people get TB every year. Many of them die because of it. Hence, TB is one of the deadliest diseases. The new vaccine has shown a 50% success rate. The number seems low; however, it saved millions of lives. This partly effective vaccine is winning the battle against TB. The first trial results released a year ago. The world health organization called this new vaccine discovery, “A breakthrough.” This new vaccine certainly will overcome the flaw of the old vaccine.

More than 3000 adults were tested in a trial in Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa of this vaccine. The vaccine saved around half of them. Researchers showed an interest in the results. “Vaccine needs to be studied in more people in different populations.” said the researchers. A global health expert said,” The vaccine looks promising.” BCG used in the USA protects infants. However, it does not cure the affected lungs in adults. Infection attacking the lungs is the most common type of TB. Tuberculosis shows symptoms involving fever and blood in the cough. The patient also suffers from night sweats and loses weight. The patient might die if left untreated.

Taking two shots of this vaccine one month apart is reasonably good. The patient also needs to take antibiotics every day for a month. TB was declared more dangerous than AIDS 5 years ago. TB spreads through cough in a crowded area. The question was, who should take this vaccine? Family members of the patient with active TB should take this vaccine. Doctors and nurses treating the patient and crowded workspaces also need to take the vaccine. The new vaccine still needs improvements. Experts suggested that in the future, this vaccine should be tested on people from different countries and HIV patients. This vaccine is still under testing. However, it can save millions of people suffering from TB.

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Rowena Goodwin

I've written about health care for one and a half decades. I wrote for Modern Healthcare and several Iowa newspapers, including the Des Moines Register. I am passionate about health literacy when it comes to explaining the complexities of health care. A better-understood health system may save someone some money or their life.

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