The year 2020 will have many new releases with AR and VR technologies

A lot of innovations and technological releases showed progress in multiple domains in 2019. People have observed a lot of momentum and interest across the consumer market after Facebook’s Oculus Quest launch. As 2019 is about to end, some of the technological developments are worth appreciating before the new start into 2020.

Technologies like Virtual-reality and Augmented-reality brought significant changes in many industries. Hence, people are looking forward to what 2020 will bring into VR, AR, and other technologies. There were many incredible VR advancements in 2019. Valve’s flagship Half-Life VR game received more than 10 million views on YouTube for its trailer and widespread media coverage.

With millions of comments on social media, it was hard to ignore the title that has catapulted VR into the spotlight of mainstream gaming. However, gamers need to wait until March 2020 to experience this fantastic VR experience. As VR is making the appearance in almost everywhere, Apple is not behind anyone.

Some rumors are saying that Apple is planning to launch a new Virtual-reality and Augmented-reality headset in 2020. The headset will have double the resolution of today’s most advanced headset with an 8k display in both eyes. The tech giants are expecting the same level of excitement last seen with the launch of the original iPhone.

Also, Nreal Light AR glasses will launch in 2020. These lightweight AR glasses will cost $499 for the consumer kit. The developer kit for Nreal AR glasses is available for pre-order now. However, the consumer kit will only be available in 2020. These Nreal AR glasses will come with the ability to watch movies and TV shows. Also, Nreal glasses will come with MR games.

Moreover, Qualcomm has also announced its latest chip platform, which will enable standalone headsets with 3K×3K resolution, accelerated AI processing, seven camera feeds, and integrated 5G. The world’s first 5G XR platform will launch in 2020. Qualcomm is also working on a project with Niantic Labs to develop a reference design for smart glasses. With all these upcoming AR devices, many other devices will also launch in 2020 with AR and VR integration.

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