Ukraine Collusion Source Allegations Meet Devin Nunes

The erstwhile Ukrainian diplomat, who was one of the top supporters of President Trump, has been the focus of alleging that Kyiv has interfered with the election of 2016. He met with Devin Nunes, a Republican. The announcement reveals that the alliance of Andrii Telizhenko is broader than before in Washington. Personal lawyer of Trump, Rudy Giuliani vigorously supported the allegations, and an extensive meeting was carried out. Even after that, Trump’s arguments have been pushed. The conversation that was previously unreported was the only known meeting between two of Trump’s most significant figures in the Ukraine and Russia relationships. Requests for comment about this story were not entertained in Nunes’ office.

From December 2015, throughout June 2016, Telizhenko worked in the Kyiv embassy in Washington, as per the copy of his C.V. He shared this news in the Daily Beast. The Ukrainian Government worked with Democrats in 2016 to ride Trump down, on which he played a significant role in promoting the disputed narrative, which was quite popular in the political right. In January 2017, Politico first wrote on suspected attempts to find and reveal Paul Manafort from the embassy in the Washington embassy of Ukraine. Manafort worked for Trump, and he has spent many months doing so and has been completing a jail sentence for financial crimes not linked to the 2016 campaign.

Politico has stated that both of Alexandra Chalupa, former DNC consultant and Oksana Shulyar, deputy chief of mission then, refuted any error involving with Manafort’s motives. However, Telizhenko told that Shulyar guided him to share with Chalupa about any useful information. He stated at that time that an investigation was being conducted with the help of the Hillary team about Alexandra Chalupa being involved with Paul Manafort. This allegation was spread widely among media. Most of the coverages of the elections in early 2017 focused on the well-funded Kremlin campaign for hacking e-mails and disclosing disinformation across Facebook and Twitter. However, Telizhenko’s allegations of Ukraine found an enthusiastic public among those who support the president staunchly. Telizhenko has been helping Giuliani to study matters concerning American politics along with Ukraine since speaking up in public.

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